Program Daniel Howell We’re All Doomed
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28 February 2023

With over 6 million YouTube subscribers, Daniel is one of the most famous social media personalities. In addition to being a charming vlogger and radio host, the New York Times crowned him a bestselling author in 2021 with his non-fiction mental health guide "You Will Get Through This Night."

We’re All Doomed!

Daniel Howell is back, as stressed and depressingly dressed as ever, with his epic new solo comedy stage show “We’re All Doomed!”.

When there’s so many apocalyptic scenarios threatening to destroy us, it might be tempting to give into the gloom - but with enough sarcasm, satire, and a desire to skewer everything that’s wrong with society: Dan is determined to find some hope for humanity ..or at least laugh like it’s the end of the world (because it probably is).

Prepare for a night of savage self-deprecation, soul-searching, Dan over-sharing his deepest fears and desires, and become part of a community of doomers to share the final days.