How to get there

By car

The smartest way to get to the Queen Elisabeth Hall is by train.

NOTICE: The Queen Elisabeth Hall is situated in a low emission zone (LEZ). You can find further information about the low emission policy of the city of Antwerp on their website: Slim naar Antwerpen.

Parkings with discount

In Parking Station ZOOParking Roosevelt and Parking Centraal, all within walking distance of the Queen Elisabeth Hall, our visitors get a special discount. Electronic signposts announce the location of car parks and free spaces (purple zone).

Parking Roosevelt

Reserve a parking space in Parking Roosevelt on the day of your choice. Use the promotion code zooantwerpen and you'll only need to pay 5 euros for a full day. 

Parking Station ZOO

At Parking Station ZOO, visitors of the Queen Elisabeth Hall pay 6 euros until 7 PM. Don't forget to ask attendants in the Queen Elisabeth Hall to validate your parking ticket!

Parking Centraal

During the weekend you can park at Parking Centraal for only 5 euros per day. Reserve a parking space for the day of your visit (you don't need a promotional code). After parking, cross the station to enter the Queen Elisabeth Hall.

Park & Ride

If you'd rather not drive and park in the busy Antwerp city centre, you can always use the Park & Ride formula: park easily and for free outside the city and hop on the tram or bus to the Queen Elisabeth Hall.