Your visit

Practical information

We are happy to do everything we can to make sure you have an unforgettable evening at the Queen Elisabeth Hall! If you have any questions about your visit, you can find more practical information here.

Timetable for performances

The start and end times of the performances can be found on the information pages of the performances. Based on those, you can plan your return journey by public transport.

The doors of the Queen Elisabeth Hall open 1 hour before the start of the performance. The bar in the Atrium will already be open then. The doors of the concert hall open 30 minutes before the start of the performance.

Admission tickets

Upon arrival, we will ask you to show your admission ticket. You can print your ticket or you can have your ticket scanned on your smartphone.

Did you lose your ticket? Then go to the desk in the entrance hall. Our colleagues will be happy to help you.


You can pay by card or credit card in the Queen Elisabeth Hall.


At the back of the Atrium there are spacious toilets, including three accessible toilets. There is also a changing table available for our youngest visitors. The toilets are located on the ground floor and are accessible to wheelchair users. The toilets do not have a toilet lift system. A visit to the toilet is free of charge.


A secure cloakroom is available free of charge in the Queen Elisabeth Hall. After handing in your personal belongings, you will receive a number to collect your personal items at the end of the performance. The cloakroom is located at the back of the Atrium, next to the toilets.


The Queen Elisabeth Hall is a wheelchair-friendly building. This means that all rooms are accessible via lifts or ramp slopes. The control panel in the lift is adapted to wheelchair height.

Learn more about accessibility

Lost and found

After each performance, the lost objects are collected and kept for 3 months. They are then destructed afterwards. We are not responsible for the safe storage of any items left behind. Lost property will only be returned after the owner has given us a detailed description of the lost property.

Did you lose something in the Queen Elisabeth Hall? Send us a message with a description of the lost item.